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Investing in your health and happiness is the best thing you can do!

Insurance Info:

Want reimbursement for attending your Hypnobabies class? Remember to check with your Insurance Carrier – some companies will cover the cost of childbirth classes! The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436. You may also need this: Diagnosis code Z32.2, which is for childbirth education. Some Hypno-families have used their Flexible Spending Accounts for their Hypnobabies classes too, so make sure and check out yours!

Ask about coverage/reimbursement for doula services as well.

How Hypnobabies Saves You Money:

  • As of 2016, the average cost of an epidural was $2,132
  • The average out-of-pocket cost of a c-section is $27,866
  • Using hypnosis reduces the likelyhood of either. How? Click here to learn more.

Additional Benefits:

  • a calmer, happier pregnancy
  • ability to make informed decisions re: birth
  • more connection with your partner
  • extremely powerful mental tools
  • an easier, more comfortable birth!

Class Pricing

“It was amazing... feeling very at peace in my birthing time. That was one of the coolest experiences. Feeling so much pressure as my baby moved but being fully comfortable and aware in the moment.”

Rachel B. (Hospital VBAC with Hypnobabies)

"I couldn’t believe that I had just had a natural pain-free birth! I felt like I was dreaming! The first thing I said was 'that is the easiest thing I have ever done!' couldn’t believe how easy it was!! I wasn’t screaming or going crazy or crying as they show on tv. I was relaxed the whole time."

Christine W. (Water birth with Hypnobabies)

"I was excited to see how [the contractions] felt and get a chance to experience this time in my birthing. I was amazed at how mild everything was to me, but it was because of the hypnosis!"

Nicole C. (Hospital birth using Hypnobabies)